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Loving old couple die on the same day

What a touching love story this is almost like a fairytale....

A Victorian (Australia) husband and wife devoted to each other for 66 years have died within six hours of each other.

Herbert and Laura Bate, aged 89 and 85, died on Sunday less than a week after their 66th wedding anniversary, The Geelong Advertiser has reported.

"It is sad, but they loved each other and were together,'' son Geoff Bate was quoted as saying.

The couple, who had five sons, moved into Bannockburn Aged Care six weeks ago because of their deteriorating health and Mrs Bate suffered a stroke last Friday.

Daughter-in-law Jean Bate said Herbert saw himself as Laura's "protector" and had always said he would rather his wife "went first".

"He was hanging on until he knew she wasn't coming back � when he knew she was dying he died himself,'' she said.

Mr Bate died at 7.30am and Mrs Bate died at 1.30pm.

Mr Bate served in Darwin for two years during World War II and had worked at the Point Wilson explosives pier north west of Geelong while Mrs Bate worked as a cook.

But their sons said they couldn't bear to be apart.

When Mrs Bate first moved into a residential aged care facility in Lara � 15km north east of Geelong � two years ago, Geoff said his father drove 20km in his ute every day from Anakie to see her.

"When we told him he had to stop making the drive, he would just sneak out to see her," he said.

"They didn't want to live without each other."

From Channel 9 News

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