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Tribute to Michael Jackson from Peace Wisher

Have been away for half a year, it's time to update my blog.

Well perhaps this is not a good topic to start with but i reckon this is one of the best way to give my tribute to the King of Pop - Michael Jackson.

Despite all the unpleasant news about Michael Jackson these recent years he is still a legend to me and to millions of people, The contribution that he gave to the music industry is incomparable.

It is sad to see the departure of this super star, may his soul rest in peace.

His music live forever. At least at this moment i have no regrets as i have seen his concert back in 1996. I still remember i nearly miss his concert.

I sympathized his life, he felt so insecure, i believe the reason why he acted strangely was caused by the media. The media has no mercy on him at all, the media pushed him to his limit until he couldn't breathe, he lost his childhood which is something that most of us took it for granted.

The world is so cynical that drove this already restless soul up to the wall. It's really funny that now he is dead only the world flock together and learn to appreciate what he has done to the world.

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