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Stephanie Birkitt wrote lust letters to David Letterman

Perky "Late Show" staffer Stephanie Birkitt wrote David Letterman "trashy" love letters that will embarrass them both when they become public, sources said Tuesday.

"It's her musings about them," a source who perused Birkitt's purple prose told the Daily News. "It's trash."

Birkitt's letters - none of which was mailed - are steamy, but far from kinky.

"We're not talking crazy sexual escapades," the source said.

Still, they leave no doubt Birkitt was more than just Letterman's "Girl Friday" on the show.

"It's clear she's having a sexual relationship with Letterman," another source familiar with the probe told The News.

Birkitt's angry ex-boyfriend, Robert (Joe) Halderman, delivered at least one of her "Dear Dave" letters to the philandering funnyman as part of what prosecutors call a $2 million shakedown plot.

Halderman, who has been suspended from his producer's job at "48 Hours," is charged with threatening to ruin Letterman's reputation by revealing that he slept with staffers.

Birkitt moved into Halderman's house in Norwalk, Conn., four years ago, after his bitter April 2004 divorce from the mother of his two kids.

It was not clear when Birkitt wrote the letters. Halderman began to suspect his girlfriend was sleeping with her boss at the end of 2007, the sources said.

Halderman, 51, grew more suspicious the next year when Letterman, who also lives in Connecticut, began driving out of his way to drop Birkitt off after some shows, the sources said.

The accused blackmailer's worst fears were confirmed at the end of last year when he found Birkitt's letters - and demanded to know if she was sleeping with Letterman, sources said.

Birkitt, 34, soon moved out.

Halderman had little to say when reporters confronted him yesterday outside his house.

"I know you have a job to do. I might as well make it easy on you guys," he said.

When they asked Halderman how he was holding up, he replied, "It's a beautiful day ... I have some errands to run."

Then he split.

Letterman steered clear of the painful subject at the taping of Tuesday's show, although he joked that he could use an understudy and introduced a man wearing sunglasses who looked a bit like him.

"There are quite a variety of reasons of why I might need one," he said.

A day earlier, Letterman apologized on the "Late Show" to his wife, Regina Lasko, and to his female staffers, for dragging them into the swirling sex scandal.

Letterman, 62, also announced he was desperately trying to save his marriage. "Let me tell you folks: I've got my work cut out for me," he said.

It was Letterman's first taping of the show since he revealed that he had been targeted by a blackmailer - and admitted bedding female underlings.

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