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Recommended alternative Web Instant Messenger

I always have problem to logon to my MSN instant messenger, whenever it happens i will have to look for an alternative which is the web messenger. There are couple of web messengers sides, so far i have tried the followings :

  • Ebuddy
  • I Love IM
  • Meebo
  • MSN webmessenger
  • IMHaha

Through my own experience so fast the worst one i reckon is the web messenger by MSN itself. MSN used to be able to signin on it's own but don't know since when they changed it to login via the email side, it is confusing and not user friendly at all

The rest of the above mentioned providers are not bad but the loading time is the main issue. Ebuddy is the most regular one that i use but the ads is the most annoying one especially i use it on my mobile HTC HD2.

I just discovered it loads very fast, even though it doesn't support the extended emotions but for only sending instant messages i find it very good and very clear cut, it doesn't bug you with the annoying ads like what ebuddy does.

I highly recommend as an alternative for your web instant messenger if fast loading is your major concern.

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