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The rat race life

Have not been blogging for more than a month, reason being too lazy, lately started a temp job been keeping me busy. I have not been working for quite awhile and now got back to work even though just a short period of time but already feel the rat race life again, having said that i still enjoy my work a lot despite there are some silly people in the office. As this time i finish work at 6pm, if the traffic is ok i can reach home before 7pm but if there is a downpour it could take up to 2hrs as many places usually affected by flash flood.
Coming back to the rat race life, i really feel for those who has family, they have so little time to spend with their family during weekdays. I am lucky that i only have to work for 2 1/2 mths.
I don't wish to get back to the rat race life,but if i don't want to have such life i need to do something about it. Yes, do something about it, do what then? i already run out of idea of what to do. I wanted to make something out of the cyberworld but until today i still have not found anything solid yet, i have problem with my own discipline.

Feeling sleepy now....... good nite....

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