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Lemon - Kills HIV Virus / AIDS - possible cure

It's Lemon again! i have posted previously on my post about Lemon can kill cancer cells 100,000 time stronger than Chemotherapy, and i just found out that Lemon can even prevent the HIV virus from spreading!

Some new research studies shows lemon demonstrated the ability to control the spread of HIV virus,

Professor.Roger Short from the Melbourne University discovered the juice of the lemon kills HIV virus in the test tube.Dr. Peter Piot of UNAIDS (United Nations Programme on HIV/AIDS) was overwhelmed by the exciting discovery and told Professor Roger Short and his research team -'LemonAIDS': � UNAIDS would like to give you every encouragement to pursue this exciting new lead.�

Having good and healthy liver is very crucial for both cancer patients and those with HIV/AIDS in terms of their health and for recovery.

According to Dr Leo Roy MD, ND [Immune Perspectives], �No disease, especially degenerative diseases including cancer and AIDS, could survive longer than a few weeks in the presence of a healthy liver.�

AIDS researcher, Mark konlee, offers this juice recipe for building the immune system, flushing the liver and the lymphatic system, getting nutrients, and increasing energy: Wash a whole undyed lemon, cut it in quarters, blend in a blender. Add one cup of water and one tablespoon cold-pressed, extra virgin organic olive oil. The drink can be sweetened with a few tablespoons of orange juice. Blend. Strain and drink juice. Taking this drink once a day, konlee reports, can raise T-cell counts, decrease viral load, and improve lymphatic drainage.And according to what mentions in his book - "How to Reverse Immune Dysfunction" : �The immune system has two �arms� � the TH1 and TH2 systems. They tend to be connected: when the one is strong, the other is weak, and visa versa. The Lemon / Extra Virgin Olive Oil drink has been reported to balance the two arms of the immune system. This would help in both suppressed immune system and autoimmune conditions (including HIV / AIDS and cancer).�

The lemon and the extra virgin olive oil, when taken together, act as a potent liver and gallbladder flush, detoxifying the liver, lowering biliruben levels, removing heavy metals, increasing the production of bile from the liver, stimulating lymphatic flow, and restoring the pH of your saliva, which in turn helps you to absorb the nutrients from the food you eat.

Our liver is the master organ of the immune system, it produces chemicals to combat viruses (including the HIV virus) and bacteria, supporting phagocytic [immune function], and producing antihistamines to neutralize substances that promote the growth of cancer.
When our liver is over burdened by the toxins it will not function properly,once this happy our body�s immune system will be severely weakened will lead to chronic illness.
The lemon & extra virgin olive oil drink can help to reverse and prevents chronic illness after drinking a period of time and also helps to lower and restore biliruben levels in those with liver cancer and liver disease. An elevated biliruben level is a key indicator of a damaged liver.

Restoring pH levels to normal alkaline levels of 7.0 or greater, is of tremendous importance for the cancer patient. Lemons are one of the most alkaline forming foods on the planet earth,by consuming on a regular daily basis (especially with the rind and seeds) will help to increase the pH levels in our body ,hence,alkaline our body to 7.4 and above, the higher the ph level makes the cancer cells more difficult to survive due to the amount of oxygen present. The majority of cancer patients have acidic pH levels of below 6.5,this will make the normal cells harder to �breathe� properly. This causes the mutation of cells later become cancerous. This discovery was made by Nobel Prize winner Dr. Otto Warburg, who discovered that cancer cells only thrive in a low-oxygen state. Hence, the humble lemons can help to fight cancer.

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