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Lemongrass kills cancer cell research

It seems like everything related to the word LEMON has great health benefit.

Lemongrass, the herb commonly used in asian cuisine, has been found to have anti cancer properties by researchers at Ben Gurion University [BGU] of the Negev in Israel. Specifically, citral, a main component that gives lemongrass its unique scent, was linked to cancer cell apoptosis or 'cell suicide' while leaving healthy
cells alone.

Scientists Dr. Rivka Ofir and Prof. Yakov Weinstein, of the Albert Katz Chair in Cell-Differentiation and Malignant Diseases, Department of Microbiology and Immunology at BGU headed the research team.

An amount of citral found in one gram of lemongrass [Cymbopogon citratus] steeped in a tea cup of hot water was added to petri dishes with cancerous and healthy cells. The healthy cells were unharmed while the cancerous ones died. Citral is also present in melissa [Melissa officinalis] and verbena [Verbena officinalis.]

The findings were published in Planta Medica, a scientific journal on alternative and herbal remedies. Why citral causes cancer cell suicide is not known. Cancer is a result of damaged cells gone awry, dividing at a rapid rate. Normally defective cells die on their own. Perhaps citral resets the defective cell so that it can die.

How lemongrass should be taken?
Israeli doctors recommend 8 glasses of lemongrass tea on the days cancer patients were treated with radiation and chemotherapy.
Steeped tea, may be one way to receive citral, but if you consider that plant extracts, also known as essential oils, are heat sensitive and can be damaged by high temperatures and being volatile, will have a portion evaporated. Another way is to eat the lemongrass extract either with food or in a capsule and swallowed.
Topical application will have the lemongrass penetrate the skin. It can also be massaged in with carrier oil such as sesame oil. A very radical approach would be to inject the oil but this should not be done without knowledge and experience. In fact, I only mention it for academic discussion and do not recommend you attempt it.

Is lemongrass effective in fighting cancer?
Lab results and actual effects on humans are two different things. There are no human studies and probably won't be because this is a natural non patentable plant.

What else to consider before using lemongrass?
Cancer is a complex set of symptoms and it is not simple to change. Using only one method to solve it, is to believe in the Magic Bullet Theory. Some people believe in using this one thing, whatever it is - a practice, product - will cure the patient. No doubt there are stories of many things changing the cancer situation.
The question is, will it change your condition? I choose to believe the Buy-Down Protocol more. The Buy-Down Protocol looks at many things that touch and can influence the human being and its health state. By having more things in alignment with the human, I believe your chances for success will be greater.
Having said that, the Buy-Down Protocol will not discount the Magic Bullet, perhaps another way to see this is the Buy-Down Protocol is many magic bullets.

Where to get lemongrass?
You can get more major asian supermarket especially those that sells Indonesian and Malaysian food as lemongrass is major ingredients for their curries and sambals.

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